Task Sorting Bug Microsoft Project 2016

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I am having the issue that when I save and close a Microsoft Project at the end of the day, when I come in the following day it has sorted the tasks into a random order with no way of reverting the process? I have never seen this before and I am lost as to why this is happening? Any advice or help would be appreciated

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Not sure if this will help but go to View > Data group > Sort and make sure it is set to "sort by" ID, ascending. Then hit the Reset and Sort buttons. Also make sure the "Permanently renumber..." is unchecked and "Keep outline..." is checked. Now, save the file and close out of Project. Restart Project and open the file. Is it sorted as you expect?

Here's something else that might be causing the sort. Does the file have an Event macro that does something when the file is closed or opened? You won't see either of those macros listed if you go to View > Macros or even Developer > Code group > view macros. But you can see either by going to Developer > Code group > Visual Basic and then hit the Project Explorer icon in the VBE window that appears. Double click on the "ThisProject (xxxx)" for the file.

@John-project Unfortunately this did not resolve the sorting that has happened. I've tried a few variations of what you have suggested too. The Project has also filled out %complete tasks too which are not complete, assigned resource to tasks etc. its all very strange.


I've checked the Marcos and VB and nothing there either.


I am going to put a fresh install of Project on and cut my losses with this Project and put it in the bin. Ill see if I have the same error again.

It almost sounds like someone else has access to your file and is messing with it, have you considered that?

I seriously doubt the issue is with Project itself, I suspect if anything, the file itself if the problem so rebuilding it will likely solve the problem. One thing you might try first is to save the file as XML. then re-open the XML file in Project.
Good luck
It almost does seem like that, but it is actually saved on my HDD and not on a server.

I guessed that the file had become corrupt for what ever reason but would rather understand how it happened as to avoid it happening again.
Understanding how a file becomes corrupt is very challenging. If you know when it happened and can accurately recall what you did with the file just before it happened, then maybe there's something to go on. Do you know when and what?
I think it must have been when the file was copied at some point as a back up. I've started the project from scratch and left it alone and everything is fine so far. It will just have to stay where it is
Okay, keep your fingers crossed :)
Thanks for the feedback.