Task notes flag appears even when there´s no notes entered.

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Hi everyone!


I´ve noticed some changes on Project for The Web interface in the last days.


Task notes field is no longer generating numbered lists automatically.


The task notes flag on the table view appears even when there´s no notes written.




Are you facing some issues like that?




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Carlos -- I cannot duplicate your issue with Project for the Web. However, I was notified recently that Microsoft was "pulling back" some new content in Project for the Web for revision. Perhaps what you are seeing is a consequence of this pull back action by Microsoft. If this is a serious problem for you, I would recommend you contact Microsoft Support for assistance. Hope this helps.

Hello @carlosnogueira 

I've never seen the Task Notes field to support any formatting like ordered / number lists.

I can repro the issue you are seeing with the Notes indicator. I will raise it to Microsoft but I'd recommend you open a support ticket via the Microsoft 365 tenant. It repro's as follows:

  1. Open the Task Details Panel
  2. Click off the Task row / close the Task details
  3. Icon appears