Task completion in advance in Project Online

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Hello, community!


I have a "Task A" planned for 2 weeks, 80 hours workload, one person appointed with 100% availibility.

Today this task is complete with only 40 hours spent (so, another 40 are now my reserve).

There is a command "Mark as complete" on the page "Tasks" of Project online, so the person used this command, as result all other 40 unspent hours were automatically put in a schedule of the person as already spent shours for the future schedule.


What I want is task to become 100% complete, but fact stay as fact with planned workload reduced to gain 100% completion status. 

This way I loose actual workload in the project data, because system increase it to initially planned workload.

Is there any option to keep fack as is and change plan to have 100% completion, or should I edit project hours manually in the desktop application to decrease planned hours to have task 100% complete?

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Ilya --

Enter 40h of Actual Work and set the Remaining Work to 0h. That will mark the task as completed early. Hope this helps.