Synchronization of Milestones between SharePoint and MS Project

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I would like to synchronize milestones between MS Project and SharePoint. For milestones, I leave the Start field empty in SharePoint and only set the due date. However, since Project synchronizes the beginning and end by default, there is always an error message here. If I put the beginning and end on the same date in SharePoint, the synchronization works, but the milestone in the project is then turned into a one-day task. This means that I have to adjust the project file again by hand after the synchronization. I use SharePoint to let my team report on the achievement of milestones. Since I defined a basic plan in the project, it is very easy to understand shifts, etc. Now I am surprised that it should be so difficult to synchronize milestones. Is there a solution? You may be able to adjust the assignment fields preselected by default somewhere. In my opinion, the synchronization should recognize that a process without a start date is a milestone and should be synchronized accordingly. 


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Hi Andi

Any luck with your issue. I need help on the same as well. Please let me know if you have any success so far in it.

Vijay Marupudi.