SV Negative value But Status On Schedule?

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Can someone help explain why my SV value is negative which I understand means my project is behind schedule based on earn value analysis but my project status is showing on schedule? Is there a difference on how status calculates the schedule of the project as oppose to how SV does it. Or am I missing something fundamental here. 


I have attached a snapshot of the Variance table of the project plan. The status date and current date is set as 20 March 2023.


Appreciate help to above query.



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Earn Value Analysis makes use of Baseline data while the "Status" field has nothing to do with Baseline. The "Status" field is based on the following fields

  • Start Date
  • % Complete
  • Status Date

E.g. If "Status Date" is Day 5 and a 10-day Task is shown as 50% complete on Day 5, then "Status" field value is "On Schedule" but if this 10-day Task is shown as 20% on Day 5, then "Status" field value is "Late".


A Task that is 100% complete will have "Status" field value as "Complete" while a Task whose "Start Date" is greater than "Status Date" will have "Status" field value of "Future Task".




Thanks for the prompt reply and providing the clarification. Your rseponse much appreciated.
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