Summary Rollup in Project 2016 (Non-Online)

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I am somewhat inexperienced with MS Project 2016.  Is there a way to sum the contents of custom fields to sub-project rollups?  For my project there will be various sub-projects.  Please see below...





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Simple answer, sure. The circle around the column headers in your screen shot hides the field but let's say you are using the Cost1 field in one or more subprojects. To get a rollup in the subproject itself go to, Project > Properties group > Custom Fields and set the rollup as shown. Then do the same thing at master level.


However, the "sum" rollup only works for custom fields that are numeric (e.g. Cost, Number, etc.), it will not work if you are using a custom Text field even though you may be entering numeric data into the Text field.


Hope this helps.


John has already answered your question. Pls allow me to contribute to John's excellent answer with some examples here at Just ignore the typo (know should be now).