Summarize by Rollup Task and Resource Group

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Is there a way to write a report that groups resource groups under top level task and rolls up the summary values? Specifically:


  • List all level two tasks
  • Under each level 2 task, list the resource groups working on any task in that group
  • Values SUM(Cost) and SUM(Actual Cost)


The output would look something like this:


L2 Task A

   - R Group X [##] [##]

   - R Group Y [##] [##]

L2 Task B

   - R Group Y [##] [##]

   - R Group Z [##] [##]


I've been able to group by Resource Group and by L2 Tasks but not both.

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You mean something like this? (grouped on Resource Usage view)


To do it create a custom field

Text1="L2 - " & [Name]

Then group by Text1 (task) and then by Resource Group (assignment) and select the option to "group assignments, not tasks"