SubProject versus SharePoint Workflow

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I currently have a client that has been working with Project Server 2016 for a little over a year. They don't have a full roll-out where Team Members are actively using the system yet but we are at that point. Primarily it's the Product Managers using the system to track Project progress. They are a limited MS shop (I'm currently working to get them to use Teams.) They are ovewhelmed with emails because they're using it like IM. 


This is a mid-sized manufacturing environment and there are checklist tasks that need to be completed prior to the project start and/or additional project milestones. These tasks are not considered Project tasks but are essential at different stages of the project. Their Projects can easily run over 200-300 Tasks which is a lot for them and will typically be a 2 to 5 year project. They are using Tasks (not Timesheets) and Team Members only need to update a % Complete of the task. Team Members have been trained on the system but getting them to use is proving to be a challenge. :)


Product Managers need updates on the checklist tasks as well as the actual Project tasks so currently they are creating small one-off projects to add those tasks to Team Member Tasks in PWA. If we continue down this path I am recommending that we create a small templated sub-project to be created and associated with the larger/master project. 


I am also looking at the idea of creating SharePoint Workflows for the list that would then make it possible for Team Members to add these tasks to their Outlook Calendars. 


I'm interested in feedback or additional ideas that others have tried. The level of maturity in this organization is Beginner to early-Intermediate so Workflows would be brand new to them. I do think there is value in expanding their knowledge of all the tools they currently have instead of seeking new tools to solve an issue.


Thoughts? Ideas?


Thanks in advance for your interest and feedback.

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