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I have MSP 2021. If I assign a resource with specific holidays to a sub task with specified hours, the duration of the sub task doesn't increase based on the holiday but the duration of the summary task does. How do I get the duration of the sub task to reflect the increase in duration caused by the holiday? Everything is on auto schedule
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When there is a break in the "active" time (working time) of a task's span such as when an assigned resource has specific non-working days or the task has a split, the duration for that task is the active span. However, a summary line is not a task and the duration of a summary line is start to finish.

In your example, the resource holidays puts a break in the subtask active span, hence the total span (duration) is unchanged. But the break in the subtask adds to the total span at summary level.

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Thank you for clarifying, John
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