sub project custom fields not uploading to master project

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I have created a file template with some custom fields in a summary table using Project 2016. Some custom fields use lookup tables with a 1 to 5 rating choice, another uses a cost figure manually entered. There are five design engineers creating many projects using the project file template.

The many projects per design engineer then become sub projects (a portfolio project file) for each design engineer. Then a number of design engineer portfolio files become sub projects to a Program file incorporating all design portfolios. So I want the custom fields created at the project level to cascade through to the Portfolio file then to the Program file level however this is not happening.

Can someone advise how this can be made to happen?



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Stephen -- The custom fields must already be in each subproject. Or you need to copy them from the template to each subproject individually. There is no way to cascade them through the subprojects as you describe. Sorry, but hope this helps.

@Dale Howard 

Hi Dale, thanks for responding. I may not have worded my problem very well. I have created the custom fields in the sub projects and can load them with data and that is all fine. When I load the sub projects into the master project the data in the custom fields does not come over into the master file. That is the problem I like to solve. It may have something to do with the way the custom fields are set, formula etc.  

What do you think?


StephenC4 -- You need to copy the custom fields into the master project as well. I should have mentioned that in my previous reply. The custom fields must be in each subproject AND in the master project as well. Hope this clarification helps.
Yes, I have done that but will check that I have done it correctly.