Start to Finish vs Hours worked

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I have tasks that need several hours of work that can be done over a weeks time.  How do I enter this while keeping my Start and Finish dates


ex:  Start            Finish           Work needed

       1/1/21        1/8/21           1h


The person assigned this 1 hr task can complete it anytime between 1/1/21 and 1/8/21.  I don't want 40 hrs showing as resource time only the 1 hour they worked.

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baseballrich --

Enter the name of the task and then enter a Duration value of 5 days. Double-click the task and then click the Advanced tab in the Task Information dialog. Click the Task Type pick list button and select the Fixed Duration item. Click the OK button when finished. Apply the Gantt Chart view. Right-click anywhere in the Gantt Chart pane on the right and select the Show Split item on the shortcut menu. Select the task in question in the top pane. In the bottom pane, select the name of the resource who will work on the task and then then enter 1h in the Work column for that resource. Click the OK button in the bottom pane. Hope this helps.
baseballrich -- It just dawned on me that you never stated which PM tool you are using. Are you using the Microsoft Project desktop application? Or are you using the new Project for the Web, the simple web-based PM tool? The directions are different if you have Project for the Web. My first set of directions are if you are using the Microsoft Project desktop application. Let us know. Thanks!