Sorry, there seems to be a problem with this file that doesn't prevent it from being opened; error

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Buenas tardes.

I hope you can support me. When you want to open a Project file saved from Microsoft Project. I'm getting this error ("Sorry, there seems to be a problem with this file that prevents us from opening it. Please try using a backup if one is available"). It's a very, very extensive file that I spent a lot of time on, so I really wouldn't want to work on it again hahaha.
Could you please support me to see if there is a possibility that it can be opened? I send a cordial greeting.
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First of all, what version of Project are you using (e.g. stand alone Project, Project Online, Project for Web, etc.)? Also, is it a current version (e.g. Project 2016, Project 2019, etc.)?


Are you operating the file over a network?


If the file won't open there is a good chance it is corrupt and the possibility of opening it is not good. You could try one thing. Open a new blank project and then try inserting your file into it as a subproject. Does that work?


There are third party application that claim to be able to open damaged Project files but I have no first hand experience so can't recommend any. You could try searching the internet.


Daniel --

You are describing one of the most frustrating situations anyone can experience in Microsoft Project, which is the possibility of losing all of the work you have done in a project schedule. I sincerely hope that one of John's ideas will help you. However, to safeguard your work, you can force Microsoft Project to automatically make a backup of your projects. To learn how to do this, refer to the following blog post article:

Hope this helps.