Some 1 day tasks go into next day; others do no

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I'm trying to figure out why some of my 1 day/8 hr (or less) tend to finish on the next day.  while other 1 day /8hr tasks finish on the same day.    all relationships are FS.  No duration (?) marks exists.

Advice /solution much appreciated.



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If a task is less than a full working day (8 hr by default) and is the predecessor to another full working day task, that predecessor task will start immediately after the first is complete. That will push the finish fo the successor task to the next day.

Other conditions may also spread a one working day task across more than one day (e.g. constraints, task or resource calendars, etc.), but without more information I can't be more specific.

I suggest you go to File > Options > General group and change the Date Format to a format that includes the time of day.
Yes! our first observation is spot on - with the time stamp i can see the successor picks up at the very hour its Pred stops.

Much appreciated! thank you
You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.