SIS OData connect to Project Server 2016 Microsoft.Data.DataFeedClient error

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I have to extract data from Project Server 2016 for reporting and tried to use SSIS OData method to connect.  Within the OData Data Source Editor, I am able to preview Issues, Tasks, Risk and a few others but for the Projects collection I would get this error.  Has anyone come across this error and knows what this means?  I have not been able to find too many articles of project server and this error.


This is my first time using SSIS OData to extract project data.  In previous project version, I used SQL query to extract data direct from SPS_1_PWA_1_ProjectWorkspaces_1.    Thank you in advance.



SSIS OData PS2016 error.gif

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Hello, the error is generic. If you are using Project Server 2016 on-premises and if you only have 1 PWA site collection in the content database, you'd be better of using SQL to extract the data out rather than going via the OData API / Odata connector. is this an option for you?