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I have a simple setup in MS project, where i have 3 items (item A, B, C) and i am performing activities 1 and 2 on these items. Activity 1 and 2 are date fields, where i will put the date when the activity was done.


Input Data:

Task NamequantityActivity 1Activity 2
item A1Thu Feb 1, '24Fri Feb 2, '24
item B1Fri Feb 2, '24Sat Feb 3, '24
item C1Fri Feb 2, '24Sat Feb 3, '24


I require an output table which will show me on each day, how many of each activity was done.

Output Table Required:



I am struggling to get this working, and would appreciate some support.

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You won't be able to get that format output table directly in Project but it could be ceated in Excel with an export from Project with a macro.

You could do something in Project using multiple Text and Number fields, the Text fields representing the date and the Number fields representing the activity count but that would limit out at 20 days since there are only 20 extra Number fields.

If I wanted this, I would use VBA.

Hello Christopher @ChrisAvak 


Contar actividades.pngI am attaching a file with quite a few tricks and fantasy in case you find it useful for your query...

I have assigned the 24H Calendar to the project, to schedule activities any day of the year.
I have left the Currency Symbol blank, with 0 decimal places in Project Options > Display, because I am using the field Cost = Activity Assigned Units x 1(Standard Rate of Resource "Activity"). to count the activities.
Items are always supposed to last only 1 day (=Default duration)
I have created two resources: Activity1 and Activity2 of Material Type, with label=Units and Standard Rate=1, in the Resource Sheet view.

You must use the " Data Entry" view to add Items by typing in the Task Name column.
Then assign Activity 1 and Activity 2 with the corresponding Units, by double-clicking on the task > Resources tab, or right-clicking on the task, or in View > Split view > Details, ... for example.

Use the " Activity Report by Date" view to display the totals for each activity.

If you change a date of the activity in that view you have to reload the view to update results.

If you want to hide the items in this results view, you can select: Menu > Data > Show Outline > Level 2 (or manually hide in the outline).

In this view, grouping called " Activity Grouping by Date" is applied to calculate the totals in the Cost column.

N.- If an activity is carried out on more than 1 date for the same Item, in the Data Entry view, a new task must be created with that Item, assigning the corresponding Activity resource, along with the Units and the Date on which It has been made.

N.- If you want, you can change the title displayed in the Cost column of the " Activity Report by Date" view, by selecting with the right mouse button on the title > Field Settings...

I hope I've helped.