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I hope someone can help

I would like to use the SharePoint Tasks List Project template more in the web app. However I really need to be able to see the "work" column on the SharePoint Task List view.

This column isnt available to select from modify view and if I create a column in the task list and try to map the project "work" column it doesnt sync correctly

Does anyone have a fix for this?



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Matt --

Based on your question, it sounds like you are new to Project Online. If so, welcome. I think you are going down the wrong road trying to use the SharePoint Tasks List template. If you need a generic blank project, you should use the Enterprise Project option instead. Using that option will allow you to use the Work field, along with many other default fields used for project management. Just my two cents' worth. Hope this helps.
Hi Dale
Ive been using project online for a number of years now, however I have never had the requirement to use the task list template up until now.
Now I am looking to roll out the software across my organisation I have been asked if there is a way to have what a simpler view on what we call "bucket projects". These are essentially constant workload activities which run in tandem to our detailed projects e.g. 3days / week of answering consumer requests.
I thought the sharepoint list would be a viable option to capture these as each team has ~5 bucket projects which we could capture as 1 list / team, however I would need the "work" column so I can view the workload of the team in my powerBI resource charts
Any advice would be greatly appreciated