Show "Shifts" Rather Than "Days" - Resource With Less than 8 Hours Working Time Per Day

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Hoping to sort this out to avoid confusion for others. I am trying to put together a schedule (first time this complicated) for a portion of our construction project (mechanical scope). We run 3 different shifts (Day 0600-1430, Swing 1400-2200, and Night 2030-0330) and each shift has a different number of hours worked:


Day shift is work 8 hours with an unpaid 30 min lunch, total shift duration 8 hours 30 mins. Pay 8 hours.

Swing is work 7.5 hours with a 30 min paid lunch, total shift duration 8 hours. Pay 8 hours.

Night is work 6.5 hours with a 30 min paid lunch, total shift duration 7 hours. Pay 8 hours.


My issue right now (probably many to come) is the "duration" field. Project is set to 8 hr/day, 40/week standard, and calendar is set to 24 hr.

When I set the resource for day crew to a special calendar called "Day Shift" which works 0600-1430 (8.5 hours) Mon-Fri, it shows the "duration" as 1.06 (8.5/8=1.0625). What I want it to show is one "day" because I've told it that this activity is going to take 1 "day" of the day shift schedule (or rather, 1 of their shifts, 8 hours.)


Likewise, when I set the resource for the night crew to a special calendar called "night shift" which works 2030-033 Mon night through sat morning, it shows a duration of .88 (7/8=.875). Again, I want this to show 1 day (or 1 "shift") of the night crew's working hours. 


Additionally, when I assign the resource to a task with a duration of 1 day (say the day shift crew resource with day shift calendar), it does not automatically schedule the time to be 0600-1430, it defaults to it being 0600-1400 (pure 8 hours just like the project default).


I'm sure there is a setting I am missing or misunderstanding, but I would really like to just have nice round integers as my "durations" and not have to manually screw with the fields other than entering the # of shifts necessary for every activity. Any thoughts?


EDIT: The other issue I am seeing that I currently have no clue on is what hours are getting used. I have a day shift task that should run from 0600-230 each day, and I put in a duration of 2 days starting at 6am 6/1/2021 (backdating for now). What I would hope is it starts at 0600 6/1/2021 and ends at 1430 6/2/2021, however what I am getting when I put in 2 days is 8.5 hours of work (???), start date of 6/1/2021 6:00am (manually entered because it seems to want to start any work at 12am per the project 24 hour calendar even though this resource is set to 0600 start) and an end date of 6/1/2021 2000 (10pm). This also reflects on the gantt chart when zoomed into the hourly timescale, it just shows the activity starts at 6am in the morning and ending at 10pm at night rather than respecting the working hours of the assigned resource/calendar. This is persistent on other activities with longer durations (a 5 day night shift activity just shows going 24 hours a day until complete rather than gaps each day during non working hours).


I'm sure these are all related and it's something simple but I'm screwing around with all the setting and nothing seems like a logical answer, appreciate any help on these.



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