Show Project tasks in Teams

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I am really keen to move over to "new" Project or Project for the Web and have the tasks that are created in the Project show up in the Tasks by Planner and To Do.




I made a Test Project and created a task and assigned to myself.




I would hope it shows up in my Tasks by Planner and To Do lists, but I can't find it anywhere.


Is this a missing feature? Am I missing something on my side?

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Hello @muddledmike ,

You're not missing anything, this feature doesn't exist currently. Keep an eye on the Project roadmap for new features: 


Hi @Paul Mather,

I'm confused by the link you provided - there doesn't seem to be any plan to integrate these features at that link.


How is Project useful if my team members can't see their individual tasks all in one place (from across all the projects they are working on)? Is there a different solution to this issue (project management with timelines that DOES integrate with To Do Planner)?