Show lag resulting from constraints that have been set



I'm looking for a way to show the lag that is resulting from a constraint that has been set.


Task 3 has Task 2 as predecessor.  Since task 2 ends 2020, Nov 10th, task 3 would start the next working day, being 2020, Nov 12th.

But a constraint has been set on Task 3 so it  can start no earlier then 2020, Dec 1st.

Now I'd want to show the number of days Task 3 is being postponed because of the constraint that was set.

Is this possible ?

Thanks in advance for your insights!


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@DriesVdb --


The value you are seeking is known as Free Slack, which is defined as "...the amount of time a task can be delayed without delaying any successor tasks."  To view the Free Slack amount, apply the Gantt Chart view, and then click the View tab to display the View ribbon.  In the Data section of the View ribbon, click the Tables pick list button and select the Schedule table.  Drag the split bar to the right so that you can see the Free Slack column.  I duplicated your example project and determined that the Free Slack amount for Task 2 is 14 days.  Hope this helps.