Show Dependency without Changing Timelines

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  I have three tasks, let's call it Task A, B and C. 


Task A is predecessor (FS relation) of Task C.

So task C's start date is dictated by Task A finish date.  

Task B is not a predecessor of Task C, but Task B's input is taken into Task C. 


Task A, Task B & C are to be executed in a sequence with Task C being dependent on Task A but need to consumes the output of Task B along to way, but is not dependent on task B.

Task B is therefore, a sequence and not a dependency for Task C. 


How do I model this into Task C without making task C duration dependent on both Task A & Task B ? Is it even possible ? 


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NKumar2010 --

No, what you want to do is not possible. I would recommend you link Task A and Task C with an FS dependency, and then link Task B and Task C with an FS dependency as well. Hope this helps.
Thanks Dale.