'Show all subtasks' does not expand all the subtasks for all the sub projects


When I click 'Show all subtasks' in my Master project it does not expand all the subtasks for all the sub projects. Only some of the sub projects expand. 

If I click in on one of the collapsed tasks and then click 'Outline > Show all subtasks' it will expand the collapsed tasks in that sub project.


I have checked and I do not have any filters on.


Am I doing something else wrong? 

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Reuben --

No idea why that is happening. I have not encountered this personally. Out of curiosity, what happens if you click the Select All button, and then click Outline > Show all subtasks? Does that work? If so, that is your workaround to this problem. Hope this helps.
Ha! That worked!
Nice workaround. Thanks Dale.
Reuben --

You are more than welcome for the help, my friend. Since my reply answered your question, would you please mark my previous reply as the answer? Thanks!