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Hi team

I can see a gantt chart if someone works on Monday to Sat or Sun to Friday.  However on a standard calendar, I want to show 2 days work starting Friday and finishing Monday.  However the gantt has a line over the weekend that looks like work is being done over the weekend.   

Q: Is there a way of only showing Friday and Monday (but not Sat and Sun) but NOT use split?

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Yes and no. If your project calendar is customized to have a non-standard workweek, then you can set the Timescale display to show Gantt bars that show work per the custom calendar. But if the custom calendar only applies to selected tasks, then Project limits the Gantt Timescale display to only show one calendar's workweek. The option is set via double clicking on the timescale to bring up the Timescale window and clicking on the "Non-working time" tab. Set the appropriate calendar.

Note, for a normal Standard calendar display you can also set the option to show non-working time in front of Gantt Bars. That addresses the issue of Gantt Bars appearing as "active" during non-working time.

Hope this helps.
Nice one. Thanks John
You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.