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I want to know if it is possible to maintain the SharePoint sites originally created when using Project Online after archiving a project.

Do we need to move it to a different directory? What are the best practices for continue accessing the project information?

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Hi Valentina @bvg92, the procedure depends on whether it is with Project Online or with Project Server. If it is Project Server, you can move the content databases from one repository to another and in this way you can have another project space that you can consider historical.
If it is Project Online, it is recommended to create an ETL that can download this information to a local SQL server. 

Similarly, these two options should be reviewed well. Because there is third-party software that allows this to be done but logically has a higher cost.



@Julio Cesar Barrera Giraldo thanks for your response...

We are currently using Project Online, and teams stored a lot of files that we don't want to loose, so I'm trying to evaluate the best way to decommission the projects but still keep the files available.

@bvg92 , We as consultants in this regard suggest that users create an ETL to download this information and always keep it. Not only would ETL serve you data for SharePoint sites, but you can store historical KPIs by project and many more features. This ETL can be on an SQL server on premises or on an Azure server.



@bvg92 You could delete the project but keep the project site in alternative way. So your Teams member still able to access the project site. Or you could create a workflow to move the document to another site by using SharePoint features and workflow.

@Ade_Budiman_Lim Thanks for your reply! Do you know if we decommission Project Online can we keep the same SharePoint site under PWA or we need to move it to a new SharePoint site? we are planning to move to a different PM tool in the future but we don't want to loose the files from the old projects...

From my understanding, your goal is want to delete the project from Project Center but wants to keep the Project Site, is that correct? If yes then you can. When you delete the project, Project Online should ask whether you want to delete the Project Site also. You can keep it by NOT ticking it.