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Hi everybody,


I have to ask the following questions to help one of our customers, because I don't have much clue about MS Project at all...


  1. what are the possibilities to edit the file stored online in the Project App and not in the Web App?
    Can two or more people work on it at the same time?
  2. What is the best way to set up read-only access to project plan for our sub-project managers (who are currently planned in project plan as "team resource" but not as personalized resource)?
  3. The Team Planner view from the local APP is especially helpful for sub-project managers.
    How can we best make this available to the sub-project managers?


Any links to documentations or videos etc. would be helpful...

Thank you very much,

best wishes!

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@vlz-iris -- I looks like no one answered your questions, so I will take a stab at it:


1.  Using the Microsoft Project desktop application offers WAY MORE functionality for editing and managing an enterprise project. Managing a project using the Project Web App user interface offers you a greatly reduced feature set compared to Microsoft Project.  To use Microsoft Project with Project Online, however, keep in mind that you need to create a Login account in Microsoft Project and set it up to connect to your Project Online instance.  This is what allows you to open, check out, edit, save, publish, close, and check in enterprise projects in Microsoft Project.


In response to the second half of your first question, no, only one PM at a time can open an enterprise project Read/Write.  Project Online does NOT offer co-editing of projects. 


2.  You can control access to projects using the security Groups and Categories.  However, for that to work, you should not use the Team resource feature for your sub-managers.  Simply add them to the project team and then configure default or custom Groups and Categories to control user access.


3.  The Team Planner view is available only in the Microsoft Project desktop application.  There is no Team Planner view, or any view even close to it, in Project Web App.


Hope this helps.