Setting up DEV, TEST and PROD Project Online Site

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I have deployed PO (PWA) before but not to best practice, so have had some issues as only one environment for DEV, TESTS & PROD :sad: how do you suggest I go about creating these 3 environments (for example some suggest using site collections, also have teh "Hub" option, etc.).

Afterwards how to deploy updates from Dev-Test-Prod?

Really appreciate any advice!

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Hello @Rosalia Dias ,

Depending on your requirements - if you need DEV, TEST and Prod PWA instances these would all be separate PWA site collections either in the same tenant or potentially different Office 365 tenants. Some of our customers have dedicated DEV / TEST Office 365 tenants.

There are some 3rd party tools that help with config and content migration such as:

Hope that helps


Thank you very much Paulo!

Do you know if there is any "free" SW and/or any Microsoft guidelines regarding migrating from one PWA Site Collection to another? We will most likely go with the option of different site collections on same tenant for now.


Again, much appreciated! :)


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Hello @Rosalia Dias ,

Unfortunately there is nothing from Microsoft on this for Project Online PWA and no free tools that I'm aware of.