Set work time on project.

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Hi everyone,

I need some assistance.

I have a project that I'm working on. I have all the start and end dates for each part of my project, and I've inputted the monthly work as effective work. However, the software distributes this work throughout the entire project timeline, whereas I need to allocate it only to the current month. I imported all the work from Excel.

I'm also encountering issues with tasks that start before or after the planned dates.


Thank you.

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First, please tell us what version of Project you are using.

How exactly did you import the data from Excel?


Do you have resources assigned to the tasks?

You say you have all the dates for your project. Did you import those or manually enter them for each task? Do you have all tasks linked in a logical sequence? Are all tasks auto-scheduled?

A screen shot of your plan would be helpful.