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I'm using Christmas dinner as a practice exercise in project. I've run into an auto-schedule issue where tasks are being scheduled with lag between them when they need to be constrained to happen sequentially with no (or a limited) gap. For example, I have two tasks, "marinate fish" and "roast fish." It happens that the autoscheduler has decided that I can marinate the fish in the evening and then roast it in the morning. I need to tell it that no, these two tasks have to be stuck together with no time between them. Similarly, I can make the marinade up to 24 hours before it goes on the fish, but the autoscheduler is putting it three days before.


This feels like something I should have been able to google, but no luck so far. Can anyone point me in the direction of either how to set a maximum lag or constrain a task so that it happens with no lag?



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Merry Christmas


In Task Information / Tasks / Properties / Information, or double click on the task, Advanced tab, you can assign an existing calendar to the task and specify in it, the time and days when it can be done, as the calendar existing, called 24 Hours. With this calendar there are no interruptions in the task.


Another possibility is to declare the duration time of the task as non-interrupted time, or elapsed time, inserting the letter "e" (elapsed), before the Lag value. For example: 45emin, 2eh, 3ed, ...


N.- For users of other languages, such as Spanish, the letter "t" ("transcurrido") is used after the numerical value: 45mint, 2ht, 3dt, etc.


You can also specify the advance(-) or delay(+) time of the link between two tasks (lag), as elapsed time (without considering non-working time interruptions), also inserting the letter "e", before the value of lag. For example 5eh, or 90emin, ... and if it is an advance -5eh, -90emin,...


I hope it will serve you for the next roast.