Selectively Removing Dependency arrows (but not the dependency itself)

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Is there a way in Project to selectively hide dependency arrows?  I know I can hide them globally, but there are times when I'd like to still have a dependency impacting a certain task, but not have the dependency arrow show for that particular task.  That way, a marker could be set, but not be visually confusing within the larger Gannt chart.

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Gordon --

Unless I am sadly mistaken, hiding the link lines is an "all or nothing" process. In the Layout dialog, you can hide all of them or you can display all of them, but there is no way to selectively hide the link lines in a project. Sorry, but hope this helps.
Could I selectively color some of them white?
Gordon --

Good idea. I thought of that when I was writing my original reply. The problem is that the link line inherits its color from the color of the predecessor's Gantt bar. If the Gantt bar is blue, the link line is blue. If the Gantt bar is red, the link line is red. If you make the Gantt bar white, the Gantt bar disappears, and the link line is gray (go figure).

So, no, you cannot selectively color some of them white. Sorry, but good try.
If I may ask, what exactly do yo mean by "set a marker"?