Save a Project Centre View as a Site Page

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How do I save a Project Centre view as a site page? I am an administrator and want to have quick links to take others in my organisation direct to the active and archived projects, as shown here:

Active Projects 2.png

I have created the views in Project Centre using customised fields: 



I have created a new Site Page for both the active and archived projects:



And added these hyperlinks to the Quick links, but when I click on the quick links, it always resets the view - I can go to the "Project" table and change the data - as per my first screenshot but how do I get each of the "Active" and "Archived" links to register the customised view and save it so that not only I see it every time I click on the quick link, but also others in my organisation?

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Hello @Robdonty1395 ,

Unfortunately this is not possible as there is no support for URL query strings in the Project Center URLs. The Project Center views will take the user to the last view they used.


@Paul Mather thanks for that. Perhaps I am needing to do it a different way then. I am making reference to another PWA set up that is in our organisation (when setting up my Teams PWA). The other teams quick links looks like the below screenshot. When I click on these links, it takes me directly to customised views that show only the needed information. The page links are (for example - with the Organisation / Division names swapped out):

Active Projects quick link- https://(Organisation) division)/SitePages/Projects.aspx


Active Ideas quick link: 

https://(Organisation) division)/SitePages/Ideas.aspx


Rejected Ideas quick link: 

https://(Organisation) division)/SitePages/Ideas%2--%20Rejected.aspx


Which is why I thought I had to create a Site Page for the different views that I wanted and add these to the Quick Links.


What is the best way to do this? At this stage I am wanting separate links that show the active projects and archived projects.

Hello @Robdonty1395 ,

Can you review that other instance, maybe they have custom code, JavaScript etc., on the page that selects the correct project center view if they are using the out of the box project center grids.


Hi Paul, I do not have administrator rights on the other teams PWA site and am a newby to this myself as well. The person who administers the other teams PWA is not the person who set it up, so they are not fully versed either. Is there an easy way that I can tell the other administrator to look for this information? I would not know where to start!

Hello @Robdonty1395 ,

Edit the page and see what webparts are added / check for any custom code etc.