ROUND Function Not Work To Round Duration Custom Fields

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I am trying to round custom duration fields to whole numbers using the ROUND function as ROUND([Actual Work]), however the field is displaying the field with decimals still.  The function does seem to work if I use a Text Custom field type though.  Why doesn't it work for a custom duration field?





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In Microsoft Project, you have to use the Format function to display calculated values at the precision you desire. The Format function works in a similar manner to its counterpart in Microsoft Excel. Following is how you might want to write the formula:

Format(Round([Actual Work]/60),"#,##0")

By the way, if you are using a Number field for your formula, you need to divide the Actual Work value by 60. This is because Microsoft Project tracks Work fields at the 1-minute level, so to display the resulting value in Hours, you must divide by 60. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard Thanks for the quick response.  Actually, I was using a custom duration field containing the actual work field, and it actually took care of converting Actual Work hours into days, so I didn't have to include the /60.

Dale has already answered your question perfectly. Pls also consider Round( [Actual Work] / [Minutes Per Day] ) * [Minutes Per Day] as the formula in the custom duration field.