Risks and Issues in Project for the web?

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Hi, I'm rolling out the new Project for my team and am trying to find out if there is functionality to document risks and issues within a project.  I know this feature was in earlier versions of Project, hoping it's still there. Thanks!!

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Hi @Kevin80,

By default risks, issues and documents are not available in Project for the web. This capability does exist for Project Online / Project Server but not the latest Project app but.... you have several options to manage risks, issues and documents when using Project for the web. These include:

  • Once a project is linked to an Office 365 group, that Office 365 Group has a SharePoint site linked to it. You could create two new lists on that site for Risks and for Issues
  • Build a Model-driven Power App and add custom Risks / Issues entities to suit your requirements


Thanks for the response and the suggestions. I understand the SharePoint approach.

I watched some videos showing how Power Apps includes this, and it looks fine, but I’m trying to understand the additional license requirements. So that anyone could add or edit issues/risks, would that require the whole team to purchase power app licenses? Or one member to build the app then a portal license add on so that the rest could use?

I’m hoping a simple issues/risks log will be a future enhancement to Project for the Web. It seems like a basic feature for project management.

Hi @Kevin80 ,

Take a look at the Project service description as that has some details on licensing: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/servicedescriptions/project-online-service-description/pr... - scroll down to the "Customization and integration" for Project for the web. Each user accessing the custom app would need the licenses not just the person building the app.

Regarding Issues and Risks as a default entity in Project for the web - take a look at uservoice and raise the idea there as that is where product team look for new ideas :) https://microsoftproject.uservoice.com/forums/914203-project-for-the-web