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Hi all,

In the Resource Usage window, the column Projects remains showing links to old and deleted projects. My resouces are shown as allocated but the project file no longer exists. Does anyone know how I can clean this up and improve my resource usage? As you see in the screen shot, the same thing is shown several times, but is actually referring to the samen file, just given a new name. Other times, it's a file which has been deleted (no longer needed).

Thank you in advance!

Best regards, Amanda

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This problem occurred because the deleted files were not correctly un-linked from either a resource pool or a dynamic master which resulted in link fragments (i.e. corruption).


What is the structure you have (i.e. resource pool, dynamic master or combination)? That will allow us to give you the best approach to clean up the link structure corruption.


It would also be helpful to know which version of Project you are using.



Dear John,


Thank you kindly for your help!

I am using Project version 2008. I didn’t realise I needed to unlink the subprojects. I just deleted them from my portfolio “project”. I am using a resource pool at the moment (but an not sure what a dynamic master is).

I look forward to learning more! Thank you!



First of all there is no Project 2008, it's either Project 2007 or Project 2010, or perhaps an older or newer version.

A dynamic master is created when you insert two or more projects into a master via the "Insert Subproject" feature. That creates a linked structure. Putting several Project files into a portfolio does not create a master but your original post was not clear on exactly what you have so I had to ask.


Using a resource pool creates another type of linked structure where in the pool file is linked to each of the sharer files. In a linked structure, both the source (pool) and destination (sharer) files contain a link element. If you simply delete a sharer file the destination link is broken but the source link in the pool file still remains (link fragment). These link fragments lead to corruption of the structure.


Not knowing how badly the link structure might be compromised I suggest you do a full purge and re-build.

1. Open the resource pool file

2. Open a project file that uses the pool file resources and change that file to "use own resources".

3. Save and close the project file

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all files that use the resource pool

5. Open a new blank project and insert the resource pool file as a subproject

6. Double click on the summary line insertion point to open the Inserted Project Information window

7. Click the "Advanced" tab

8. Uncheck the Link to Project option and hit "OK"

9. Save As that file to your pool file name (replace)

10. Open each Project file you want to link to the resource pool file and set up resources to "Use resources from the pool file".


That should give you a new clean structure. In the future, if you want to remove a sharer file from the pool, be sure to unlink it from the pool (i.e. "use own resources") and then save the pool file and save or delete the project file you are removing.


Hope this helps.






With the information you mention, I then have a dynamic master as I have added the Subprojects to my main project (the portfolio I was referring to).

But the actions to take are clear and I appreciate you taking the time!


I don't know where to find which version it is. This is what I found:



Thank you once again for your help!

Kind regards, Amanda

When looking at the steps to be taken I still have a problem. As I mentioned, the files have already been deleted so I cannot open it and use own resources.
Does the solution change if I do have a dynamic master (I think I do)?


The files I was referring to in step 2 are the active project files (i.e. those you are still using are are still connected to the pool). You obviously can't open files that were deleted but in order to get a clean pool file, I'm suggesting you re-build your structure. Before going through all the steps you should copy the whole structure as backup to a separate location, just in case.

It's possible you do have a dynamic master in addition to a pool/sharer structure. You can easily tell if you have a dynamic master by opening your "main" project and looking at the ID field. If all the IDs are continuous though the whole file, then you do NOT have a dynamic master, you just have a portfolio of files. However, if you see the ID sequence as independent for each subproject, then you DO have a dynamic master.

When I asked about version I didn't realize the confusion Microsoft introduces. Traditionally the "version" is the Project number (i.e. Project 2007, Project 2010, Project 2013, etc.). The "version" I was asking about is shown in the Account screen above the About Project. This is what mine looks like.