Resource Group Can from Edited by Checked-Out Resource Pool but not PWA, PSI or CSOM (2019)

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We upgraded from Sever 2010 to Server 2019.

We had a development on 2010 that replaces the Group coming from AD Sync with a mapped value that we managed.

In 2019 this development doesn't work. We checked out and found:

  1. Trying to change Group to an enterprise resource with CSOM did nothing for an enterprise that is synched with AD
  2. Same with PSI
  3. When selecting this resource in PWA and clicking Edit Resource - the Group field is grayed out
  4. However, when clicking Open (to open in Checked-Out Enterprise Resources), I can edit the Group field to the resource and save it again

Is there a way to enable editing the Group field programmatically?




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@Barakb321 - Since no one replied to your question, I decided to take a stab at it.  I did some research on the subject, and I conferred with our consultants who are very skilled with the AD sync process.  Here is what I learned:


  • When the resource is created manually by entering a name or e-mail address in the User Logon Account field, the Display Name field is filled in automatically, the Email Address field is filled in automatically, and the Group field is LOCKED.  Since you are using your own home brewed version of AD sync, I would assume this describes what you are seeing, and why.


    When the resource is entered manually by entering a name in the Display Name field, but NOT entering a value in the User Logon Account field (to create a pure resource that does not use Project Web App at all), the Group field is UNLOCKED for editing.

  • When you use the default AD sync system, these are the values that come from AD/Azure attributes for each user record:

    Name -> DisplayName
    Mail -> Email
    Department -> Group
    UserPrincipalName -> Account
    AccountEnabled -> Account Status


Department is where the Group info comes from during AD sync.  Does that help?  Let us know.