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Hello everyone

Recently, I encountered a problem in my rescheduling, I have activities which started earlier than their predecessors, and after rescheduling they reschedule as retained logic, when i uncheck split task in option menu, msp ignores them compeletly and wont reschdule their remaining work in my new date, how can i make msp reschdule task remaining work without retaining their network logic?

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A screen shot would help us understand what you are talking about but It sounds like your network logic isn't quite accurate (i.e. task starts before its FS predecessor is complete). So you correctly enter an actual start date but the FS predecessor link still remains (i.e. retained logic)?

Network logic will remain until you manually change it. As far as rescheduling remaining work, do you have the option set to do so (File > Options)?



hello again

my baseline is something like this:baselinebaseline

when i reschedule with split task is on its like this:

2.pngand after disabling split task from option>scheduling its like this:

3.pngas you can see it has scheduling error and remaining work of task B is now before my new date after rescheduling. what i want is when i reschedule a task like this the remaining work start in my new status date while ignoring predecessor

Obviously you are not on the Gregorian calendar since your year is 1446. That aside, I'm having trouble understanding exactly what you did when you "rescheduled with split task" to produce the second screen shot. And then, what steps did you perform for the third screen shot.

Generally, if you start a task early, as seems to be the case in screen shot #2, and split task is activated, then remaining work will be re-scheduled after the status date, assuming that option is set up in Project options. However, if split task is not enabled, then Project will not re-schedule remaining work after the status date. For reference, once a task's actual start date is set any predecessors are null and void (i.e. they no longer matter because the actual start takes precedence).




If I understand you correctly, you must first remove the link with the predecessor, set the option: Schedule > Split in-progress tasks > Deselected and Advanced > Move end of completed parts after status date back to status date > Deselected, and then select task and select option Task > Tasks > Move > Incomplete Parts to Status Date

Note: Enter the %completed first and then the actual start date.