Represent different phases of a task on the same bar in MS Project Web

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Hello friends


Very new to MS Project Web - nice to meet you!


I'm trying to create a project, where each task is comprised from several tasks.

I have tried doing it with subtask but that wouldn't work for what I'm trying to achieve..

So.. Imagine I have this A, B, C...N tasks, each is comprised from EXACTLY the same parts:

1. A business requirement document

2. Functional Document

3. Technical Document

4. Development


Ultimately, this is what I want the Gantt to look like this:



Each color (section) represent a different portion of the task.

In some ways this is actually grouping (in my eyes) - but then again, I'm very new to the tool.


Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!!


Uptowngirl :)


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uptowngirl --

The functionality you seek is NOT available in the Project for the Web application; however, it IS available in the Microsoft Project desktop application, which requires a Project Plan 3 license to obtain. Remember that Project for the Web is a low-end project management tool which is aimed at people who need to manage small and simple projects. Because of this, it is missing most of the features found in the Microsoft Project desktop app. Hope this helps.