Report upon N° of logins by users + N° of edits by users of MS Projects over a custom timepriod?

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I am wondering if I can track how frequent users login to/use MS Projects & how many times they have edited/published a Project over a custom timeperiod (e.g. 1 year)? I understood that you can only track the last publish data and not who & how many times a user (re)published/edited (a) project(s).

The goal is to understand which users really make use of MS Project and which ones never login.


Many thanks for your help & time upfront.





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For Project Server 2019 Subscriber Edition this can help with a participation audit

CREATE VIEW [dbo].[pwa_last_login]

REPLACE(REPLACE(A.tp_Login,'Formsbasedmembershipprovider','') , 'domainmembersipprovider', '') as nname
-- above to clean up username

,DATEADD(hh,-5,A.[tp_ExternalTokenLastUpdated]) as lastl
,datediff(dd,DATEADD(hh,-5,A.[tp_ExternalTokenLastUpdated]),GETDATE()) as daysago
,B.[Resource Departments]
FROM [WSS_Content_PWA].[dbo].[UserInfo] A
left join
[WSS_Content_PWA].[pjrep].[MSP_EpmResource_UserView] B
A.tp_Login = B.ResourceNTAccount
where A.tp_Login NOt IN ('sharepointaccount', 'other acount to filter out')
-- above to exclude service accounts