REPORT (Resoruces assigned vs Resources available)

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Need Urgent help please.  in Project, I need a way of tracking OR Displaying Resources available vs Resources assigned and remaining availability (for each resource). I've searched the Reports and can't find the options i need to create this (Besides i'm not familiar with Reports). 

I'd like to show in columns:

Tasks Name, Resource Name assigned, each Resource Total Availability, Resource % assigned per task and Remaining % availability.

Any help much appreciated.


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This won't give you exactly what you asked for but it's very close. Look at the Resource Usage view. Set the Details to display, Work Availability, % Allocation and Remaining Availability. You will be able to see that for each resource and for each assignment for that resource.


If you require the exact parameters you specified, the data will need to be exported to Excel and formatted there. Interestingly enough, I just wrote a macro for another user who had a very similar request. Here is the opening user interface for that macro.



Hope this helps.



Good day John! Thank you very much for your reply and insights.  i will give this a try.

Have a great day!


it does help. thanks. However, I don't see % Allocation as an option. Is there a way to add to the Details options?
Would you give me access to the your Macro mentioned?
I figured out how to add to the Details! so disregard my question on that. thanks
John, i think i'm getting what i need from the Resource Usage View now! Big Thank you! Have a Blessed Week dude!
You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.