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Good morning.  I could use some help getting the REMAINING WORK Detail to show up in my Resource Usage view.  when I right-click in the detail area, its not an option and i don't see it listed under the RESOURCE USAGE FORMAT - ADD DETAILS.

However, just researching Remaining Work for Project, a definition comes up and indicates its an option.  any help appreciated!


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So, I know I can add Remaining Work in a Column. But Wanted to know if it can be shown in the Detail table area.
willard800 --

No, Remaining Work is not a field that you can display in the timephased grid on the right side of the Resource Usage view. Sorry, but hope this helps.
Thanks Dale. appreciate your reply
Sorry, no can do. I think the reason it's not available as a timescale value is because it doesn't make much sense. For example, let's say you have a 4 week task and the timescale display is in weeks. Is there any benefit to showing there are 6 hours or remaining work in week one, 10 hours in week two and so forth? It just doesn't make sense because you don't know how much actual work will be performed in those weeks. What does make sense is the cumulative remaining work and that value IS available in the Details.

Hope this helps.
Thanks John, appreciate the response
You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.