Red underline appearing in date column, when updating the plan.



When updating the project plan, I get red underlying mark in the date column. I need to delete the predecessor, save the file and re-enter the predecessor, after which the plan gets updated.


The issue is that everytime I touch a line in the plan, I need to update all the rows manually, in the plan, which becomes a tedious process. I can't make a change in a row and see if the milestone is getting affected or not. 


Red underline.png


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Robert --

The red squiggly underline tells you that the schedule of that task is incorrect, as defined by the tasks Predecessor relationship. From your screenshot, I can see that the task ID #51 has slipped, which means that task ID #52 and all other Successors need to be rescheduled. I congratulate you for setting dependencies. To resolve your problem, I would recommend that you change every task from Manually Scheduled (the source of your problem) to Auto Scheduled so that Microsoft Project can automatically reschedule tasks whenever needed. Hope this helps.
Hi Dale.
Thank you! :) ...will try it out and let you know..
Hi Dale

It worked! thank you once again :)
Robert --

You are more than welcome for the help, my friend. Please mark my reply as the Best Response, if you would please. Thanks!