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I'm looking to change resource rates based on their role. I'm having to do about 1,000 changes and an effective date of 1/1/2020. If anyone knew a simpler way to do this it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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I would select the group of resources in resource centre by applying desired filter (in your case based on role) then select to edit in desktop app. in the desktop app (Project Pro) you can build a view with all the fields you want to edit and then work like an Excel spreadsheet (dragging values, copy and paste from another Excel file, and etc.) and finally publish the changes to the server/cloud.

Obviously, setting up the views will take some time but you save a lot of time at the end and no requirement for any codes or 3rd party tool.    

@Naaser Hi thank you so much for the response. I was actually able to find a way to do it using vba code to add a effective rate change. If anyone wants to see it just reply to this and I'll post a screenshot to help anyone in the same situation. 

@cmill262 No worries,

So it seems I replied to you with a wrong assumption that you are using Project Server/Project Online and updating bulk of resources in the Enterprise Resource Pool is the concern. 

Surely, while you have the data in your file, Macros will make it easier to apply bulk updates.

Good luck!