Random missing tasks in some users' timesheets - can't figure out why

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My team members are having ongoing issues with certain random tasks just not showing up in their PWA timesheets. Sometimes they're able to add the task to their timesheet using one of the 'Add Row' options, but sometimes the task will not show up in any of the Add Row menus, even when the task is within the time period and they are a resource on the task (which would mean it should be prepopulated to their timesheet anyway - so the fact that it won't even show up in 'Select from existing assignments' , 'Add yourself to a task', and 'Add a new task' either is extra annoying).


It looks like usually some, but not all, tasks from a project will show up in the Add Row menus for my users, and I can't see the pattern in why some tasks show up and not others (and again, I am checking if it is within the specified time period + the user is a resource on the task). I don't know how to fix this and my team members are frustrated.


I have timesheets set to pre-populate with current task assignments and have screenshotted my full timesheet settings below. I've also included my task settings. Anyone know why this might be happening?





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I think I have managed to answer my own question. It looks like it was an issue of the Assignment Owner not matching the Resources :)