"We Couldn't Open Your Project"

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We have a new licensed user who cannot access a project in the "new" Project. We can add her in as a group member just fine. However, when we attempt to assign a task, we get a pink bar that says, "Couldn't assign resource. Please try again. Correlation ID: 9ff6991b-3508-4488-b271-b54a4ba11ef2." Also, when she attempts signing onto the project via the URL she gets a message stating, "We couldn't open your project" and a Correlation ID of "6489d1c3-aeaa-4346-ad94-ac42ec3e2f2"


Any idea what this issue is or how to resolve it?

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More details...


My user can access the project.microsoft.com, but she can't do anything there. When she clicks on "New Blank Project" it will take her to the "Untitled Project" page, but it won't let her add tasks or people to the project. 


Any idea what to look for? 

@John Fitch Hi John! Thanks for letting us know and sharing correlation IDs. We'll look into this and keep you updated! 

Any updates or ideas on this? Our help desk seems to still struggle with where to even start looking.



@John Fitch Can you confirm that the user trying to be assigned the task is not a guest user? Can they create projects and access project.microsoft.com?

We confirmed that they are a "Plan 3" user in the AD (see below). @priyankapuranik 


They can access project.microsoft.com, but once they are there they cannot do much. They see the page but they cannot create new projects or see projects they are invited to.



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@John Fitch 

In azure portal https://portal.azure.com/#blade/Microsoft_AAD_IAM/UsersManagementMenuBlade/MsGraphUsers can you check user type and creation type for this user? I want to make sure that the domain for this user is the same as rest of the users.



Funny thing. Now I can't see it either. I could yesterday. Today I cannot.


Correlation ID: 9d3255b1-3ef4-4429-99c5-255a84d5a46f

@John Fitch can you try once more and let us know if it's resolved? Thank you.



I can see my project now. My colleague still has the same issue. She can't see the project and when I assign a task to her, it says, " Couldn't assign resource. Please try again. Correlation ID: 9fe3156b-2bdd-4c80-8869-81741a9cf1fa"


We checked. It is the same. @priyankapuranik 

@John Fitch Hi John! Thanks for your patience. We've investigated this and believe we've been able to fix it (for your E3 user). Will you ask your teammate to check and let me know if the problem is resolved? Once again, thank you for all of the details!

Still a no-go. "Couldn't assign resource. Please try again. Correlation ID: b48ba161-17a1-44d9-9752-8ad1c6a56ec2" <-- I get that when attempting to assign her a task. 


In addition, since your message, we removed and then re-added her to the project. No go.

We also created a new project in the new "Project for the Web" space (i.e. not the old Project Online world based in SharePoint) and access for that was a no, too. I can list her in the group. But when we get an error either when I try to assign her a task or when she tries to access the project itself.



@John Fitch Thank you for continually checking on this. Can you check once more, we believe the issue should be mitigated. Thank you again for your patience. 

@jackieduong How was this fixed?  I'm having a similar issue.

@jackieduong could you please share the fix for this issue as one of my customers also facing the same issue

need to unblock this

thanks in advance



@nasal8412 Could you give us the details with the correlation id? (You should see if if you click on details in the error screen)

@priyankapuranik Please find the below


Any news to this? I have the same problems, with some of my users. It may have some correlation to Sharepoint links but I am not able to solve this: Correlation ID: 7f7ec85d-e71c-41f0-b302-Bedcfbfa98c6

@MatsEriksson  or anyone else.  Can you share what resolved this error?  I'm seeing it as well.


Thank you!