Question about Project Web App regarding archiving completed projects

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Hello community,


I am new here therefore I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this question...


In the company I work, we use project online for our project management.

At the moment we have the problem that there are a lot of closed projects in the project center.


This leads me to the question, is it possible to archive these completed projects direct in project web app?

To hide the finished projects we use the filter (hide all with 100%) in the web app at the moment but this is not the way we want to archive projects in the future.


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Hello @MIMA89 ,

There are several ways to remove a project from a view in the Project Center, this could be via custom fields or the security model. High level these are described below:

  • Custom fields
    • You could have an Enterprise Custom Field that is link to a Look up table. The field could be called "Project Status" and the values in the look up could be "Draft", "Live", "Completed", "Archived". Then set filters on the Project Center views to filter out where the "Project Status" field = "Archived"
  • Security model