Query PWA Tasks with Enterprise Custom Field eq Yes

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I am trying to setup a Power Automate that will create a Planner Bucket when a PWA Project has a task created where a Customer Enterprise Field is set to Yes.


The Project Online Power Automate Action List Task doesn't return Enterprise fields. I was looking in the Common Data Service; however I am not finding the PWA entities in the Common Data Service. 


Any direction is appreciated!

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Hello @Matt Griffin ,

As you have seen, the Power Automate actions for Project Online are not aware of the any Enterprise Custom fields. Project Online data is not in the CDS either as Project Online is an application built in SharePoint. If you want to use Power Automate, maybe you could have a SharePoint HTTP action and query the Project Online Reporting OData API to get the tasks and the Enterprise custom field values then use that data in the other actions.


Are there any examples or documentation online for the SharePoint HTTP Action for querying OData API?
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