PWA/Project Online - Permissions - All Users - View Project Site

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I am looking for an approach or solution to achieving something that seems relatively straight-forward. I am trying to achieve the same concept as adding "Everyone except external users" to the "Visitors Group" of a normal Sharepoint site.


To start, our PWA is using Project Permissions Mode. Our Project Managers & Admins are really the only users that live in PWA, whereas a large number of other users purely need to View the Project Site.


What would be the best approach to giving every Resources in our PWA access to "View the Project Site", for each new Project?


Create a new PWA Group, possibly based off of 'Portfolio Viewers', move all Resources into the Group, and train Project Manager's to add this Group to all new Projects, with View Project Site permission? [See image attached]

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Power Automate? Other thoughts?


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