PWA or Sharepoint Permissions / Choose Project Site Location / Sharepoint Lookup in PWA

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I’m a relative newcomer to Project Online. I have recently migrated about 12 existing plans from Project Online Desktop App (previously saved on my local network) to Project Online. I have also migrated to an Enterprise Calendar and Resource Pool. Now I want to create some Sharepoint sites so I can share task list and schedules with my team.


We are a multi-discipline team and members have their preferred communication methods. My department is the only department that uses Project but I want to allow for growth and for our organisational structure to be represented. Using Teams and having a couple of channels for different project types seems like good starting point.


I’ve made a Team for our department in Teams and shared a project roadmap – this is OK but doesn’t list resources or effort and needs manual intervention to update.


We have a constant flow of Engineer to Order projects and range of internal development projects.  I would like to have a Main Site called ‘Engineer to Order’ and have each project in that category as a sub-site.  There would then be another site for internal development projects or possibly for each of our product ranges with sub-sites under them too. This would keep some order to everything rather than a sprawling list of random sites. Is this possible?


If it is possible to have each project site as a sub-site, do I need to use PWA permissions rather than Sharepoint to allow the site creation location to be defined? I think I would then need to set up various enterprise project types to assign projects to the corresponding location.


Ultimately, I want to have a master list of tasks that can be filtered by my team so they can see tasks assigned to them by project type, specific project, due date ect. It would be nice if they could update the task progress, however some task still require my approval to confirm they are complete – this might have to be milestone with dependencies.  I would also like to be able to show the filtered tasks as a ‘live’ roadmap so it is clearer when each task is expected to start as well as any overlap with other tasks.  Is this all possible and if so what tools (power app, lists, power bi etc) should I be using.


One other thing, when completing project details I would like to use lookup table for some fields.  This would mainly be for client and project costing information.  I know I could create table in PWA, however I would rather use Sharepoint so that these lists might be available elsewhere without needing to duplicate and maintain the same information in multiple places.


Any help would help greatly appreciated.

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