PWA Auto Publshing after tasks approval

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Is there a way to auto-reflect the approvals/rejections changes without publishing the project?

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Hello @Peter_ayad ,

For these changes to be visible in PWA and the Reporting data set, the projects need to be published. You can do the approval and publish all from PWA:

  1. Access the Approvals page, the Status Manager for the tasks will see the task approvals here.
    1. Approve the Task Update/s
  2. Remaining on the Approvals page, click the History button and click Status Updates on the ribbon
  3. Select the Task Update/s and then click the Publish button on the Status Update ribbon:


That might be a bit more efficient if you are doing the manual approvals if you are not doing it that way already.

You could also look to set up a rule for auto approval and set that to publish the updates:


You will see this on the Approvals page:



Hope that helps


Many thanks, Paul, for your reply!

I will definitely try it and let you know how it goes.