Pull through enterprise lookup table into Project Professional custom field

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Hi there, 


I have a Project 3 license and I have a custom text task field called "Accountable" where I want to add resources who should be Accountable for the task (in line with the RASCI model - Responsible, Accountable, Support, Consulted and Informed). 


I have created an enterprise custom field called Generic Resources on the PWA server, with a lookup table attached. How can I pull this lookup table through into my custom field? 


I don't want to input the data directly for every field/project as there are multiple projects. 


EDIT: I also want to be able to select multiple values from the lookup table as there are multiple roles of who should be informed for each task. When inputting my own lookup table with the same values on Project Professional, I am still unable to select multiple roles.


Is what I'm asking for possible?

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BlissL --

The custom task field needs to be a custom enterprise task field. When you create it as a custom enterprise field, you can attach the lookup table containing your list of generic resources, and you can designate it as a multi-value field as well. Hope this helps.

Hi @Dale Howard


I think from my end I have set up the custom enterprise field as a task field, and assigned the correct lookup table (that I created) for the custom field - 



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BlissL --

Good. But did you remember to make this field a multi-value field? If not, you will have to delete the field and recreate it. Does that help? Please let us know and we will try to help you.

@Dale Howard 


Yes, that's helped - thank you, it's working now!





BlissL --

Yippee. If my reply answered your question, would you kindly mark it as the Best Response? And you are more than welcome for the help, my friend! :)