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How do I show every month on a Project Timeline?  The timescale on the Gantt chart shows every month but when displaying milestones to the Timeline it only labels every other month. 





Thank you for your help.

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What version of Project are you using? With my standalone desktop version (2019) I can't make it skip a month on the timeline, even if I skip months on the Gantt Chart timescale.




NMaack --

I can tell you by painful experience that the timescale tick marks at the top of the Timeline bar are very touchy and very unpredictable. Microsoft Project calculates the time periods for the timescale based on the length of your project, from start to finish, along with the level of zoom applied to your Gantt Chart view. If you try zooming the Timescale view, you will run into even more challenges.

In the Gantt Chart view of a project, you can set the exact time periods you want to see in the Timescale bar at the top of the Gantt Chart screen. But you CANNOT set the exact time periods you want to see in the Timeline view.

Because of these limitations, I simply turn off the Timescale option on the Date Format pick list on the Timeline Format ribbon. But I also make sure that I have dates displayed for every item shown in the Timeline view, which it appears you do not have displayed, as shown in your screenshot.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Dale and John.


I use this version of Project 



Since the Timeline bar can't be adjusted I'll have to make do with what it shows.  I'll adjust the settings on the Date Format options.


You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.