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HI all,


I created a new project with the new MS Porject web client. Is it possible to use this project as a template that can be used for further projects with the same structure?


Also, I connected the "template" for testing purposes with a MS Teams group to see how I can assign tasks to a person - now I would like to remove the connection between the project and the Teams group is this possible? If yes, how can I do this?


Is it possible to assign tasks to any person in my organization or is it necessary that this person is in at least one group with me and is it also necessary that his person has a MS Project subscription?


Thanks in advance and best regards


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@Philipp Dorn 

Hi Philip, Template and copying of a plan/schedule is not available in "Project for the web" yet.

You may vote for the relevant idea in UserVoice though to push it to high priority of the dev team:


Hi Naaser,

thanks for the info, I voted for this feature!

Any idea about my other questions?


@Philipp Dorn 

You are welcome!

You can assign tasks to any users who is available in O365 (or AD) and as soon as you add them they will be member of associated group. However, if they don't have license (Project Online) they won't be abale to see or update the task.

Hope this will answer the question.




Thanks @Naaser on your fast response.

But instead of assigning a single person from our AAD, I had to assign a whole group to the project and now I am not able to remove this group/users from the project. Any idea how i shall handle this?

Any idea if there will come something in the future if you would like to collab on projects with externals who dont have MS Project license?


@Philipp Dorn 

Obviously, managing users and accessed is still very basic and comparing with Project Online it is primitive.

But if I understood your use case correctly you want to remove a user access from the project? to do this you just need to remove the user from the associated group, However, each project always should have a group and you can't remove the whole group. 

Wrt your next question, I don't know if such feature is in MS Project roadmap or not, but I presume in the future they should have this option as what similarly exist in Yammer or Teams.



Yes, it is possible to use Project templates for connecting to MS teams.

Hi Lewis,

how do I create Project templates for a MS Teams group that can be used by everyone?